360 Degree Photos Taken With the Lumia 520

Today I would like to share some 360-degree photos taken with the Lumia 520 and posted to Facebook-style 360 ° view. Picture taken from above gives a panoramic view of the city if you combine glass VR image viewer will be very interesting. With the phone, to capture 360 images, you can use the app very easy Google StreetView to post your photos in panorama craft and shooting from the roof of high-rise buildings.

360 degree photo

  • First, find the corner building, set parameters suitable camera and then capture from top to bottom, from left to right without missing any corner. Do the same with the three corners of the building, shooting as much, the moment there are many details to complete graft may use error correction.
  • Putting all of your photos into the computer and then use Microsoft ICE composite distribution (download here) is fully automated software you just wait seamer finished (required machine configuration relative to transplant).
  • After the transplant is complete picture will remain some errors, use Ps to fix the defective spot by the image composition. The bottom part of the image without detailed building you can be creative to fill vacancies (I usually use the clone stamp tool in order to mend Ps: 3)
  • When finished puzzle image to image 360 FB recognizes the need to change the image exif:
This link allows you to change the image EXIF photos taken with the device identification FB 360 °
Visit http://thexifer.net/#exif-general upload photos
exifme cast like this one:
Then scroll down and click goExifing upload photos on Facebook is possible up to 360-degree format
Few example photos that I have taken