Glitterskates Newest Special Guest Star Dave Morris

Say Hello to Dave Morris, a skater who visited Glitterskates Web Site and submitted all these wonderful photo’s of his brilliant skating career. Dave tells me that he skated as a kid, going to the local rink on Friday and Saturday night to be with friends but did not really take interest again until he had his own children. They skated together as a family until the kids were in High School. Dave stopped skating then and he says he quickly got out of the shape he had acquired through skating with his Kids.

In 1994 Dave’s wife Gretchen suggested he start skating again for the exercise. He found a rink 30 miles from his home, bought new skates and happened to meet Nancy Easter, the owner of Skateland USA, in Greensboro NC. Little did he know that this would be his new home for the next six years. After meeting the skating Instructor Tina Yow he found himself skating three days a week and a member of the Piedmont Artistic Skating Club. The Skating bug bit him and he was in love with skating.

After winning three medals at the 1999 Southeastern Regionals Dave and the Pro Photographer fashioned this pose. Dave’s way of saying “I’m done and I’m Happy.”